5 tips on keeping pests and bugs out of your home


Insects create unsanitary conditions at home. They are annoying and harmful to the human and properties. Here are some tips to on keeping pest and bugs out of your home. If not, you’ll end up hiring a Philadelphia pest control company  or the Best Pest Control Company in Chicago Illinois.

1. Plants and mulch


You should trim down tree branches that touch your home to cut down path for pests to enter your house. Mulch, like pine straw and wood chips, are ideal shelter for pests. Instead of using mulch, you can place stone or rock instead as ground cover.

2. Doors and Windows


Pests can get through any gaps or cracks. So, you should repair any broken doors and windows. Use screen mesh size of 200 holes per inch minimum in order to keep pests away.

3. Cracks and gaps

1and half inch horizontal gap

Look for cracks and gaps around the house. Pests usually enter through these. Check for loose siding, foundation cracks, gaps around utility lines, etc. Seal any openings using copper mesh, mortar or sheet metal.

4. Trash and litter


Keep your decks, garages, yards and patios free of weeds, litter and standing water. You should make sure that the trash cans have tight-fitted lids. You should remove any spills or debris from your premise because pests feed on them.

5. Drains


Sink and floor drains can accumulate debris that can attract pests. These provide ideal breeding sites for pests. Use should regularly inspect and maintain all tub, sink, basement and laundry room floor drains.

Overall, cleanliness of your home is important so that pests are not attracted to your premise. If your home is clean, there is less chance of pests to live and breed. If your home gets infested by pets, then it’s better to call a pest control professional instead of handling the situation by yourself.