How to know if you have pest infestation at home


Many home have pest infestation problems. To find out whether your home is infested with pests, there are some signs to look for.

1. Active pests


You will see pests crawling around your house. In such case, you should do some research and try to identify the pests that are present. You should try to understand what type of infestation might be present. Pests can hide well. So, you should look for all the prospective hiding places in your kitchen, bathroom and outdoors.

2. Pest droppings


If you find pest droppings in your house then you know that there is pest infestation in your house. From the type of droppings, you can identify the type of pests that are in your house.

3. Odd smells and sounds


Pests give off certain recognizable smells. Bed bugs, for example, have a musty and sweet odor. Mice have a urine-like and musty smell, rats smell like ammonia. You should also look for sounds thst some pests make.

4. Holes and marks


If you find small holes in the floors and walls then it’s sure sign that pests are present. Burrows in garbage areas are a sign too. Rats gnaw on things. So, if you find little gnaw marks then you know that rats might be present in your property. If you need a Bed bug Treatment in Toronto – Call the Experts!

5. Tracks


Mice and rats usually travel the same paths every day. They can leave tracks along the way. When rats run along the walls, they can leave dark grease marks. These are signs that your property is invested with pests.

Try to look for signs in order to identify if your house is being infested by pests. If you find such signs then you should immediately call a professional pest control expert. They are very knowledgeable and can offer you the best cost effective solution for pest control.